Shopper Discounts – Arguably Fraudulent Charges for this Service

Online buyers beware of charges to bank / credit card accounts made as a result of purchasing goods online at various retailers and unwittingly signing up for “shopper discount” service.Today, I noticed on my credit card, a bill of $10.00 and I inquired of my husband if he knew anything about it. He did not. I called the number associated with the charge 800-889-8776. I was able to reach a customer service representative, “Julie”, who advised me that the charge originated from a purchase I made at Apparently, when I made my online purchase of a poster at, I did not click “no thanks” when I should have and unwittingly signed up for the service. I had absolutely no recollection of the event and admonished Julie that I was deceived and those charges were fraudulent. She did not hesitate to advise that she would discontinue all future charges. I added that I wanted my money back to which she responded that it should appear on my bank statement within 7-10 days. Anything else, she said. I responded, “wait, I want all my money back going back as far as this goes” because I never authorized any payment. She said this goes back 7 months and all your money will be refunded within 7-10 days. I finally inquired, now are you promising that this money will show up because I will take more formal action if it doesn’t and she promised that it would. I will keep the blog updated on my progress.

The service is a rebate service of sorts that is discussed in the fine print. You might think you are entering your information to get a rebate back, and wind up buying the service. I use the term “alleged” because apparently some have been contacted and they deny any knowledge of such service. Evidently it is the retailer who is providing your credit card information to the service provider in order to allow them to make the charge each month. So, if you think you needed to put in your own credit card information, you are wrong; the retailer provided it.

I have done a quick search online regarding this event and was able to come up with a list of retailers allegedly allowing this service to be provided on their sites in the fine print:

(Please add to the list by adding a comment.)

This is undoubtedly claimed to be a legal transaction, but I plan to do research and possibly commence a class action suit for any interested parties. If you are interested in joining the class, and it will be no trouble on your behalf, please provide me at with an email address where I can contact you to obtain your information.


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