LawRefs is becoming a nonprofit so we can help more people! (How to become a nonprofit.)

Yes, LawRefs is becoming a nonprofit! As a nonprofit, we can solicit donations so that we can help more people.

The Articles of Incorporation For Use by Domestic Nonprofit Corporations were filed on February 27, 2014 with the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Corporations, Securities & Commercial Licensing Bureau and we are on our way.

LawRefs will need an Employer Identification Number “EIN” prior to filing Form 1023 requesting tax exempt status. Procuring an EIN is the next step. This can be done online. Once we have the EIN, we will apply to the Internal Revenue Service “IRS” for 501(c)(3) status using Form 1023.

Reading the instructions for Form 1023, LawRefs would be a new public charity because it is an organization that will receive substantial support from grants, governmental units, and/or contributions from the general public. Furthermore, as a new organization, it cannot show it will receive enough public support to qualify as a public charity, and therefore, it may request an advance ruling of this status. After 5 years, LawRefs will have to file Form 8734, Support Schedule for Advance Ruling Period, showing its sources of support during the advance ruling period. If LawRefs does not meet the public support requirements during the 5-year advance ruling period, it could be reclassified as a private foundation.

Lawrefs may also be required to register with the state of Michigan or other states to solicit for contributions or to obtain exemption from state taxes.

We will continue to update as we progress. Thank you for your support.

Michigan Nonprofit Association Starting a Tax-Exempt Nonprofit in Michigan
Articles of Incorporation Nonprofit
Apply for an EIN online
Instructions 1023
Form 1023-I (Interactive)

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